TEMS - Lidocaine syringe Shortage

From: "TEMS Listserv" <coulling@PROTECTED>
Subject: TEMS - Lidocaine syringe Shortage
Date: August 11th 2022

The Tidewater EMS Council has just been notified of a shortage of lidocaine 100mg/5mL syringes. 

Currently, we stock 4 in the red box.  With them not being used/replaced often (TEMS protocols under IO access and second line anti-arrhythmic option) the plan, for now, would be:

Decreasing Lidocaine syringe PAR to #2 for restocking if they do happen to be used/expired. And that will leave plenty for 1-2 doses if needed. 


SBAR/Inventory shortage update is attached. 


Please let me know if there are any concerns or questions about this shortage.



Thank you,


David Coulling, EMS Regional Field Coordinator

Tidewater EMS Council, Inc.

1104 Madison Plaza Suite 101

Chesapeake, VA  23320

Phone: 757-963-0632 x303

Fax: 757-963-2325

E-mail: coulling@PROTECTED

Website: www.tidewaterems.org


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